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Dont Be A Salty B***

Dont Be A Salty B***

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Add some humor to your car with our "Don't Be A Salty B***" car freshie! This humorous car freshener will not only keep your car smelling great, but also serve as a great conversation starter for your passengers.\n\nFeaturing the phrase "Don't Be A Salty B***" in bold, eye-catching letters, this car freshie is sure to elicit a few laughs. It's the perfect gift for anyone with a good sense of humor or for those who need a little reminder to let go of their salty attitude.\n\nNot only is this car freshie humorous, but it also provides a practical function. It's made with high-quality ingredients that effectively eliminate any unwanted odors in your car, leaving behind a refreshing scent that will make your drives more enjoyable.\n\nDon't worry, this car freshie is not meant to offend anyone. It's all in good fun and a lighthearted way to add some personality to your car. So, don't be salty and grab one for yourself or a friend today!\n\nOur "Don't Be A Salty B***" car freshie is designed to easily hang from your rearview mirror and will last for weeks. It's the perfect addition to any car and a great way to spread some positivity on the road.\n\nIncorporate some humor into your daily commute with our "Don't Be A Salty B***" car freshie. Order now and let the good vibes flow!
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Common Questions

How long does a freshies last

Freshies typically last 3 to 6 weeks since they are activated by heat. If you detect a slight scent, try placing them under a heater.

Will my freshie melt?

Freshies can melt if not properly cared for. When using a sunshade, avoid placing it between the sunshade and windshield. For added precaution, you can move the freshie to the steering wheel when parked. Avoid placing it on the dash or any other surface, as it may cause staining or melting.