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Flutterby Creations

Music Television

Music Television

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Car freshener fragrance

Ready to rock out? Say hello to Music Television! This old TV box is the ultimate car freshie for any music lover, bringing back those nostalgic vibes of wanting your M T V. Keep your car smelling fresh (and cool) with this quirky addition. (Rock on!)

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Common Questions

How long does a freshies last

Freshies typically last 3 to 6 weeks since they are activated by heat. If you detect a slight scent, try placing them under a heater.

Will my freshie melt?

Freshies can melt if not properly cared for. When using a sunshade, avoid placing it between the sunshade and windshield. For added precaution, you can move the freshie to the steering wheel when parked. Avoid placing it on the dash or any other surface, as it may cause staining or melting.